How To: Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

With pregnancy comes so many wonderful emotions. However, stretch marks may also come along for the ride. Although we don’t always have control of these situations, my motto has always been, “you don’t lose anything in trying”. As a teenager, I developed stretch marks on my hips. So after finding out that I was pregnant, I was determined to do everything in my power to prevent additional tiger stripes. Below I have put together a list of the four tips I followed to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Bone Broth for Preventing Stretch Marks

Consume bone broth (not stock) – Everyone talks about topical creams, but how about the first line of defense? Fight stretch marks from within. Bone broth is made from animal bones and connective tissue, which have been boiled into a broth. This liquid gold is packed with protein, collagen, and gelatin, which will improve your skin’s elasticity. You can sip the warm broth, blend it into your morning coffee, or add it to your smoothie – basically, whatever floats your boat.  

Grass Fed Gelatin for Preventing Stretch Marks

Consume grass fed gelatin – Gelatin is a protein extracted from the bone marrow of beef and contains collagen. Incorporate one teaspoon of gelatin into your morning cup of coffee or smoothie. But beware, two spoons of Gelatin in one sitting may give you the runs.

Water for Preventing Stretch Marks

Drink Lots of Water – Water makes skin softer and less susceptible to scarring. The American Pregnancy Association, recommends that women drink 8-12 glass a day. So, drink, swallow, and repeat. 

Bio Oil for Preventing Stretch Marks

Apply Bio Oil – Oil yourself up once a day during the 1st trimester, twice a day during the 2nd trimester, and three times a day during the 3rd trimester. I also incorporated some DIY belly butter into my regimen.

In case you’re wondering, I delivered my baby at 39 weeks and had zero stretch marks. By applying this regimen (and possibly luck), I was able to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

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